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Consultation Overview

 A consultation will help you decide what you can do with your old jewellery or what is achievable with a new piece. Our aim is that they are stress free, fun and affordable. These are the stages we follow when creating a new jewellery design.


  1. You can begin the process with a phone call or email to make an appointment.  
  1. You may have a design in mind but if not we can help you with that and give you an idea of the costs involved. Give us a budget that you have in mind to help us both stay on track. 
  1. The next step is for us to weigh and check any old gold you may have for crediting and remove any stones that you may supply in old mounts. These are then cleaned and weighed and measured. 
  1. Once you have decided on a design we will then either hand-carve or CAD (computer model) or print a wax for you to try. 
  1. Once the wax is completed we can sit the stones on it to give you a good idea of what it will be like in metal.  We can email you pictures of it or ideally come in and try it on. This is the time to make any changes. 
  1. We will then make your piece in metal and set it. 
  1. Once finished we may advise that it is valued. We do not do this on site but can organise this to be done for you. 
  1. You then come, try it, love it, pay for it and take it home or if you can’t come in then we can courier it to you.

    Making a ring whether it is an engagement, wedding or fashion ring for someone should not be stressful.   If you don’t know what you want we can certainly offer help with designs and ideas.  We are sure we can find a style that will suit and ‘hopefully’ within the confines of your budget.

    We can source diamonds and coloured gemstones to suit your requirements and budget. Our diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers and we only use diamonds that are conflict free.

    We can source and supply almost any stones needed but we are also very happy to make a piece of jewellery using your stones or metal.


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