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Meet the Team

Geoff Taylor

Geoff Taylor
--- Goldsmith & Jeweller ---

Geoff entered a jeweller workshop when he was 14, discovering his passion for the craftsmanship. “It was in that moment that I found the love of my life”. The creation process fascinates Geoff since the beginning “transforming beautiful materials from nature into memories."
Geoff breathes art outside work, painting, sculpting, and creative writing.


Paul Williams
--- Jeweller ---

With more than 20 years working with Geoff, for Paul jewellery is all about creativity. Each piece has a special place in his memory “I remember Geoff showing me how to use the saw to pierce out the letters and solder them on the cross way back in 1991”.
When he is not creating new pieces, Paul plays in a rock band.


Sheryl Cochrane
--- Business Manager ---

It is all about the shopping experience and Sheryl is always ready to assist the customers when they come into the studio or contact the team.
She loves seeing new ideas and designs come to fruition “Where the magic becomes reality”. Her special piece is a ring made from a locket that used to belong to her mum.


Jesse Taylor
--- Digital Jewellery Designer ---

Jesse grew up at the feet of his parents (both jewellers) and created his first piece when he was 8 years old “I made a ring with zebra stripes which was sold in my parents jewellery shop.”
As Digital Designer, he uses his creativity to translate the client’s ideas into reality “For me it’s like putting a little elegant puzzle together”


Liam Ward
--- Apprentice Jeweller ---

In his last year of apprenticeship, the power of transforming materials is what makes Liam passionate about jewellery since the beginning “The endless possibility of creating beautiful pieces from raw materials … and make someone happy”.
During his free time, he enjoys music, golf, fishing, time with friends.


 Tiffany Cater 
--- Business Assistant ---

From administration duties to helping customers find the right piece, Tiffany is always ready to help. “Jewellery makes you feel special”.
Her special piece is her first stone ring that was recently repaired, after 20 years.


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